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What is this project about?

Starting 15th of July several teams will draw cycling routes in the Brussels region, these will be put together with nodes and interlinked with the nodes of the surrounding province of Vlaams Brabant. The end result will be a digital cycling node network for the Brussels region available in open data, made by the citizens, for the citizens following the recreational principles.

When will this project start?

The registration period is closing on 11th of July.  The first team meeting will start on 15th of July at 20H for registered participants

How can I contribute?

As a partipant you can be part of a team that will draw one of the 5 digital cycling routes within the Brussels region.

As a participant you can also verify the cycling routes between the nodes that will be established in the middle of the project and provide feedback on how to improve the network, between the different defined cycling nodes.

As a supporting partner, you can communicate about the citizen driven initiative, rally for support and put in reflexion on the next steps of the project.

Why would I contribute?

Because you like to contribute to a positive project about cycling.
Because there are so many recreational cyclists that have not enough choice of cycling routes
Because.... tell us!


8th of July 16H -  information session project 

8th of July 17.15 - information session project

period 8th of July - 11th of July- expression of interest

15th of July - start of project - creation of the groups + technical start

17th of July - weekly status meeting 1

24Th of July - weekly status meeting 2

31th of July - weekly status meeting 3

UPDATED Timings: 

10th of August: end of first phase of project

13-18th of August: start phase two and improvement of the node network suggestions
participant testers will receive loops to drive around by bike and provide remarks on the segments.

19-21 of August: integration of suggestions end of phase three

26th of August: launch + press moment + thank you (1,5 area) 

Use of the bxldotnode network in digital and open data.

discussion on the next steps

How much time? What is my commitment?

We estimate that as a participant in July during a period of 3 weeks, you will participate once a week in a short status call, once a week in a short video sharing call with other teams, and in between will be working with your team for about 3 hours of your time like you feel it.

In August there is the possibibility as an improver  to provide feedback for improvement of the routes between two cycling nodes.  This will take approximately 3 hours as well (cycling, sending through remarks and assembly)

At the end of the summer project, depending on COVID-19 measures, a physical/ hybrid launch event will be organised and the 0 node location revealed.

Hall of fame?

This project is citizen driven.  The outcome will be a Brussels cycling node network that will be available in open data CC BY format, and that can be used by differnt navigation engines.
The participating citizens will be allowed to have their names mentionned under the CCBY commons license.


The contact details of the form are aimed to contact the participants during the period July-August 2020 in order to advance on the project. (assign tasks, convene for project meeting, create an account on slack platform and on routeyou plaftform)

At the end of the period a list of participants will be published (Names) and specific consent will be asked for this during the project

At the end of the period the participants will be given the possibility to register for a newsletter to be further informed of the project.

contact Tanguy De Lestré

What was discussed during the information sessions?

Here is a link to the Dutch and the French slides that were presented during the ZOOM call of 8th of July


Check out the blog newsposts, the facebook page and twitter account for live updates; a slack channel is used to coordinate the progress + routeyou planner

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