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BXLdotnode weekly resume 14/8

Quite intense week as finished phase 1 of creating the network to launching phase 2 of actually starting to test the network.

On Monday a marathon 3 hour session on ZOOM where we went through over 30 design comments and finished the routes for the first version.

On Tuesday evening, Pascal from Routeyou had transformed this version into 29 functional overlapping bike loops, and created the whole backoffice for phase 2 comments

On Wednesday different channels were used to invite the tester participants that had previously registered, and to reach out to other channels and social media. This rachin g out sparked already questions regarding the selection of the routes for the recreational node network like: why do you go through a parc and not use the bike lane next to the parc.

On Thursday 2 Zoom infosession were organised to inform the participants on how to actually verify the BXLdotnode network. First participants indicated the loop they would verify. For the first time the facebook live was also used to record the infosession.

Luckily the weather became a little cooler now, enabling participants to test drive the bike loops, than with a mask.

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