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BXLdotnode weekly resume 24/7

This meeting would become the big surprise; what routes have been made, how have the participants worked on the routeyou application.

I was personally stunned by the resilience and knowlege of the participants, making me humble as a facilitator.

So not only have different routes been created, also the 'missing links' have been created going all from the promenade verte/groene wandeling onto the city.

As a method towards next week we agreed following:

- put the individual routes prapred by the different groups into one BXLdotnode working group. utnill 31/7 the different routes will be evaluated and commented by the team in the the routeyou testing environment. Here also a picture of the sitatuio on 24/7.

We also discussed the next steps:

  • activation of the second group of validators in August

  • communication towards overall group of interested people


Through comments field - indicate the distance marker like 1,6 km and 1,8 km; the author than can adapt or not the route based on these comments


On Friday the routes will be validated and than transformed into a node network, to be reviewed in August.


Next week I will prepare some communication towards the 'improvers' and we will think also how to make that process as easy as possible. Thanks all and keep up the good work. History is in the making!

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