knooppunt? point noeud?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 juil. 2020

Have your heard about ‘fietsknooppunt’ or ‘point noeud’?

This system of bike routing was invented in Limburg some decades ago and has spread since then.

The nodes within a bike route have a number, and you bike from one node to the other. This allows for a non formatted bike experience.

These networks aim at touristic experiences, taking scenic routes but above all secure routes.

They have spread around in the Netherlands, Germany, France, all provinces of Flanders, and most of the Walloon Region provinces lately.

The touristic routing allows for an easy navigation. No wonder that specific bike apps have been created, and that touristic infrastructure specific for this target group has thrived (bike B&B, specific arrangements or thematic tours along pubs,…).

The network has a digital navigation part, and also most of the times a recognizable road sign.

When you look at the Brussels Region, you see that another bike routing system has been introduced for functional biking, but none exists for touristic experiences.

Are you interested to introduce this network in Brussels and want to contribute to the start of it?

There are administrative difficulties and also other relating to putting road signs in a dense urban area, the absence of safe bike paths at certain points,…

We think that this network will really create a push towards a new tourism experience based on slow tourism. Do you think that this is needed in the Brussels Region? Than leave your name below, and we’ll add it to the list of supporters.

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