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Let's verify the 29 loops of the future Brussels node network

The first phase of the project is finished. During this phase different participants have drawn cycle routes in different directions, based on the bxldotnode criteria. During weekly meetings, assessment has been made of these routes and choices to be made. Technical partner Routeyou has provided the platform where these routes have been drawn, and has subsequently created segments in order to convert and choose the segments that will be kept for the citizen made bxldotnode network.

Now is your time to start the action as bike improvers

During the period 13-18th of August we will ask you to test drive the bxldotnode network. You will be asked to drive one or several of the 29 loops in the network.

Your valuable feedback will than be integrated into the first version of the bxldotnode network.

Want to start? Go to the BXLDotnode loop page and find instructions how to cycle one or several loops and how to provide feedback.

Criteria for a good node network are:

  • is it safe?

  • is it a nice bike experience (smooth road ...)?

  • is there a nice surrounding/experience?

On 13th of August we will hold two online ZOOM session to explain the process and answer specific questions if needed. FR session 20H15-20H45

ZOOM link

NL session 19.30- 20H

ZOOM link:

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