Outcome first participant meeting 15/7

Dernière mise à jour : 19 août 2020

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During this first session we got to know the different members and their interests.

Definitiely everone has biking in Brussels in its core and heart; what a team! Seems there is a cluster of bike fans in St. Gilles - interesting :)

Than we discussed the design characteristics of the BXLdotnode network; this will be finalised on Friday. the BXLdotnode bike routes will have the typical dotnode characteristics of a touristic recreational network. This means that focus is on nice and safe view roads, passage via POIs etc instead of the fastest route from A-B. Some discussion elements that came up:

  • for who is this network? for the current profile of touristic/recreational? for enhancing slow tourism in Brussels by and for the citizens?

  • how to work with public parks where you are not allowed to bike through and should walk?

  • need to be recognisable as a dotnode network for users that know the bike signage in other provinces

  • closely use the existing Brussel regional bike initiatives on policy level, so as not to overdo work eg: use the list of black bike points, bike infrastructure and future bike roads,...

This work to be finalised on Friday 17/7.

Than Routeyou partner went through the actual platform and showed how to create the different routes.

First participants joined the different teams:

Team 1 North-South trail

Team 2 East-West trail

Team 3 Outer circle - promenade verte

Team 4 Mid circle Grande ceinture,

Team 5 Missing links

Good vibe, still time to join this group or the group that will check the nodes in August.

Next meeting at the end of this week 17/7 .

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