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Dernière mise à jour : 19 août 2020

On 8/7 th information sessons took place in NL and FR. The slides etc can be found in the link on the FAQ page or the button on the homepage.

During the session we had two external speakers, each responsible for setting out the dotnode bike route system in their respective province. Some learnings:

  • project to create such a bike route was started in 2008 in VL Brabant; took 2 years to be designed in W Brabant

  • specific criteria need to be put in place for dotnode selection as it is a recreational route

  • desirable or existing bike infrastructure? in W Brabant it has been decided to make the nodes even in suboptimal conditions, thus than providing subsidies etc to communes, province and other to effectively improve the conditions. There is also a theoretical model that exists, a plan. In VL Brabant a lot of coordination also takes place in order to keep the network up and running depsite changes on the ground

  • as the bxldotnode initiative first is a digital network, the technical questions of physical road marks are not a hassle at this stage luckily, but we learned that digital inventory can be a big help to maintain a good network

  • both province responsibles were very enthusiastic about the creationi of a Brussels network as this would be beneficial for their own networks (the famous network effect) and as there is a clear demand from Brussels habitants even towards them to be able to cycle hasslefree.

More later.

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