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25/2 Online Lunch discussion - #zombie administrations - one year of #COVID19 lockdown

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

A zombie company is a company that is so much in debt that it can no longer function properly; it is just kept afloat and waiting to disappear.

But what about Zombie public services: kept alive because they exist, no actual output because of changes (technology pace/evolution,competence moved to other policy level, no longer reason of existence)

Is this a term that can be used for the 1000s of administration personnel that will remain in zombie state in remote working, while the AI technology has overtaken their administrative tasks, the frontdesk has disappeared, the industry sector they are supposed to control no longer exist like company restaurants, or the competence has been regionalised due to state court rule?

Come and discuss about it during the upcoming lunch talk of TOKVIL public innovation meetup and GOVTECH Belgium meetup

The community choose this topic at the NY reception, so let's discuss it , make fun, and share our examples

Come and share your best and worst story from inside and outside

- an administration that has closed down its interaction channels offline but does not have online alternatives

- an adminitration that has become idle after one year due to closing of its activities it is controlling

- the best stories of teleworking

- the way individual staff has managed to keep lifelines open, despite of crazy administrative rules.

The call for speakers is still open, so if you want to intervene on this topic send a mail to

Joint meetup of GOVtech Belgium and TOKVIL

Register here or directly on the ZOOM link

Organised by Belgian #govtech and #tokvil community

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