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Let's talk SILOs - next meetup aug 20th

20/9/ 12-14H

Let's discuss SILOS:

- what are (administrative) silos?

- why do/did we need silos?

- who likes silos?

- life beyond silos -> new collaboration techniques

- inspirational readings and quotes

Ahead of the meeting, here some pointers, do not hesisitate to add yours in the comments.

- How to cope with the “silo effect” in the public sector as a deterrent to social innovation: the case of NPISA Porto (article researchgate)

- the Great Government transition away from the SILos: how to become a facilitator (study ISS)

-Seven optimization and transformation issues challenging the public sector (study ISS)

- Tech insider How CPaaS, A.I. and analytics can help government industry leaders break organizational silos (about tech document from Alcatel Lucent

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