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OECD #govaftershock lessons from CPI

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

OECD organised a session on 9/12 in the series #govaftershock.

December : Do not forget to add a Christmas tree in your zoom background

Bridget N Jennions - CPI (Center of Public Impact) on complexity and relationship building

CPI not enough on how government should be

instead of what government does

1. Most of the challenges are complex

2. Quality of relationships matters (listening, collaborating cross-silo)

3 Progress experimenation and continuous learning (experimental mindset and big question how it could work. Let's look at some govafershcock questions

Think system - act local

Share power with best people to act

Challenge hierarchy

Champion the ones we hear the least

Optimise to learn instead of control

-> Government has to move for everyone #reimaginegov

And what to keep, leave behind or start doing?

1. Keep

- consensus of govafterschock to keep

- creating the community that we seek in this learning organisation

- frontline services - short feedback loops better than in central government

2. Leave behind

- short term thinking (political cycles) - think bigger pictures

- BLM creates spaces and longer term thinking

- failure of public sector: siloed and linear movements

3. start doing

- relationships crosssilos to start

- the art of listening

- also gov can be vulnerable as an aspect and ultimately advancing

- putting the focus on an inclusive recovery

Lessns learned : drafting a delicate theory of change in the public sector -

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