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Second edition of Brussels’ Public Innovation Week (December 07-14, 2022)

Civic Hall Brussels, TOKVIL Public Innovation Network and Dreamocracy are joining forces to organise the second edition of Brussels’ Public Innovation Week (December 07-14, 2022) as part of its mission to support all those committed to better address today’s greatest policy challenges through policy innovation.

With mounting societal challenges, from polarization to lack of trust, from health to climate and rising inequality, Brussel’s Public Innovation Week consists of a series of on- and offline events designed to put public-sector innovators in the limelight.

It brings together large and small events, at the initiative of public managers with the aim of enhancing the innovation capacities of services and public officials and of sharing best practices. Throughout the week, public service bodies and private stakeholders will share thoughts, methods and ideas.

Topic of this year is the following: Democratic Resilience -

How to accelerate democratic innovation

in critical times?

Looking forward for the great online conversations. Want to add your side event? Contact

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