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19/1 NY reception #govtech and #tokvil (pre announcement)

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Active in #govtech? After having taken over the moderation of the Belgian #govtech meetup group last year here a first event on 19/1 : #govtech from A-Z in 2021 NY reception.

Wishing you all a great 20201. Last year IT and teleworking has made rapid progress and created lifelines in family and business. Government services were put under strain to go online as well. What will 2021 bring? How will technology evolve? How will Belgian and other governments move into action after their 2020 declarations on #govtech area?

We'll see, but during the NY reception, we want to hear you!

So think about one of the letters of the alphabet and prepare a word you want to associate with it and the reason why for you.

Example G for Govtech as I think 2021 will be the year that #govtech will make a leap forward in government services and speed of response. H for HPC high performant computers...

You can provide a letter an explanation by registering and providing your letter and definion and maybe you will be able to explain it during the meetup.

On the reception itself we will go together through the alphabet that was created by the community.

Maybe some surprise guests will announce their letter for the #govtech NY reception and you will be able to interact

And we'll make a little quiz to seek out your priorities for this year and your new host will be presented.

Reception powered by TOKVIL and GOVtech meetup communities

Want to be partner? inform me Tanguy on

Want to have a graphic facilitator take notes during reception? inform me Tanguy on

Want to be sponsor of the A-Z Belgian Govtech poster? Inform me Tanguy on by 10/1

Register? Follow the meetup button above or click here

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