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28/5 TOKVIL highlights

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

In this TOKVIL session we looked at the UN SDG frame and co-worked on SDG 11 public impact postive and negative


  • INFRABEL repairing faster the train infrastructure as there is less traffic; same for road works that have accelerated due to less traffic

  • Domestic violence urgency response (hotel seized by regional government to host women and children)

  • Bicycle infrastructure (eg Brussels, Berlin); ad-hoc bike lanes (ecuador)

  • Public space more reserved for ‘humans’ ; some cities are redesigning public spaces to enjoy the city in a safe and healthy way (Milan, LatAm city centers) : acceleration of policies

  • Cities are taking initiatives not linked to the national governments (more active than their government and moving ahead) -> city level not recognised as a partner although impact of national decisions have an impact on the local level; more and more organising themselves on how the society should look like (C40 cities network) and interpret measures ourselves (USA > sanctuary cities city level increasing)

  • Young people helping and go shopping and elderly sewing masks (solidarity initiatives)

  • Telework (flexibility innovation / focus on services?

  • Better air pollution temporary

  • Decision making city council digital meetings : increased people involvement and discussion on social media on those points (less public discussion, and more discussion on local issues by citizens) ; could lead to a more democratic process leading;

On a negative side

  • People afraid of crowded public transport (train capacity, peak time phases and working hours public servants)

  • Back to private car usage to avoid infections (messages ‘avoid taking the train’ should be reserved for people who have to go to Brussels)

  • Cities are affected on a cost basis (transport, public pools)

  • masks (stretching solidarity, competing initiatives)

  • Net Brussels (waste chaos)

  • Closing and opening of recycling centers (no common policy)

  • Decision making city council digital meetings : not public

  • Beer Garten vs Kindergarten vs work vs opening shops vs meeting people: is there a hierarchy in motivation reopening?

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