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Post-Covid Integrate anticipation in everyday government actions

Here the 5 main lessons learned in Asia; the 4th one really looks at the anticipation and lack of a systems approach in government.

1. DATA infrastructure without gaps

Gaps in data infrastructure have turned out to be costly for governments.

2. Governments became agile, large-scale experimenters in response to COVID.

Unless governance approaches are reimagined, the agile government we see today may quickly fade away.

3. . Building feedback loops between central government and citizens that influence policy -> key to build trust

4. Pivoting to digital services — and making the pivot fair

How do we make access to digital services — not just access to the internet — an equal-access public good

5 .Putting foresight and system thinking into everyday government

How do we bring anticipation and systems thinking out of the ivory tower of foresight workshops and integrate it into everyday decision-making by government officials?

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