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public innovation labs? 20 French labs under scrutiny

The French Government launched in 2017 a call to create public innovation labs.  After 18 months an an analysis has been performed of the activities and progress of these, report that can be found in French here. What are the most important lessons to be learned from that? The public innovation labs can have different approaches, either internal or external-internal: assessment of the realisations and processes in the public domain- external: emergence of innovation in the content area

The type of actions to be found in a lab are two-fold: - either it is completely integrated, meaning that the lab will follow the complete project from its start phase till the experimentation of the solution chosen - or it is in 'facilitator' modus, meaning that the lab will intervene at certain key steps in the project in order to boos/accelerate these.

Type of realisations can be: - called 'chantier' these are concrete and structured projects that require a strong involvement of the lab - called 'intervention ponctuelle' these are short missions where the intervention of the lab is limited in time - called 'formations' or trainings that are actions in order to bring the update the knowledge through trainings/other actions related to de societal transition and public innovation.

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