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The end of an era #washington

I was watching the news last night on CNN of the assault on the Capitol by Trump supporters and listened to the determination of the Patriots.

The reporter mentioned that USA would have a lot to learn from South Africa and Mandela.The denial of election results was also crazy.

South Africa transition

This reminded me of my transition analysis article last year, where I had looked exactly at this power transition in South Africa between a white only power with FW De Klerck and a transition 2 years later of general elections with N. Mandela as president. In the tacit agreement of transition leaders agreed that that violence should be avoided and a reconciliation procedure was started up to grieve about past apartheid period, a process where also D. Tutu took part in. Also for the USA a systemic analysis would be interesting to create a constructive dialogue and create the foundations for a 21St century democracy.

As TOKVIL is inspired by Alexis de Tocqueville 'Démocratie en Amérique' 2 centuries ago, it will be interesting to see how a divided society can learn to live together again.

I wrote in more detail on my blog in 2020 on this and updated on LinkedIN.

Climate denial and Patriot election denial

What these patriots have similar with climate deniers is the following.

1. Both deny a certain reality: election results and climate change

2. Both know that their mental idealised living model is under siege, and that their way of live is ending

I wrote about cognitive bias this blog in 2019

What about a new dialogue, a real one?

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