COVID-19 recreational and circular bike routes

Dernière mise à jour : 10 juin 2020

It is striking that the nicest circular bikeroute (promenade verte) in Brussels is forbidden for bikers, because of overcrowding.

A point noeud / fietsknooppunt system in Brussels should be a no brainer, however administrative chaos is no longer a valid answer:

- slow tourism: 30 euro per biker spend per day in province of Antwerp from inbound biker tourists; a real business case for slow tourism

- slow tourism in Brussels: connect the dots with Flemish region around and make everyone love Brussels

- link fietsknooppunt between Brussels and the Flemish region: so there will be several routes to go to Tervueren , and this for everyone.

The project has already been written, now there needs to be an understanding of the priority of it and alignment of minimum budget to set it up; Societal benefits are there.

Here a recent article (Dutch) about points to visit from Brussels in Vlaams Brabant.

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