Energy and climate plan Brussels region - what about bikes?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 juil. 2020

So the Brussels Government has agreed on a clear energy and climate plan, congratz!

What about bikes?

The paragraphs to be found about bikes  relate explain the following and are related to the 'good network' part of the strategy:

Building out a network of privileged bike networks to increase the city mobility.  These routes need to follow 5 quality criteria:

- consistent 

- fast (direct link)

- secure

- pleasant and comfortable

By 2025 the regional bike networks or GFR will be rebranded to the comfortable bike network and will be implemented 100%.

The velo-plus network (R21, avenue louise, channel crossing, Ring,...) will need to be finished 50% in 2025 and 100% in 2030.


- there is a talk of rebranding the existing GFR network

- bike routes and bike signage do not seem to be separated in terms of approach

- 'good service' talks about services that can be developed for bikers: secure bike places, also for cargo bikes

It seems that it is still an important infrastructure strategy and that there is no clear framework for a digital bike strategy that includes the reason why one takes the bike: for work, recreational,... 

Are there bike friendly hotels?  How do they relate to the infrastructure for example?

Recently I was in Lillo in the Antwerp province and found this signage interesting:

- recreational bike route

- a clear indication of a café not far from the bike route

So this is an integration of a network, signage and value added services.

Links to the document:

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