Covid19 - where are the recreational bike routes in Brussels?

Dernière mise à jour : 4 juil. 2020

The COVID19 crisis makes that people are doing more sports locally. And the need for recreational biking in Brussels itself is becoming even more important.

Unfortunately the availability of an easy app for recreational biking in Brussels, linked with the widely used knooppunt - point noeud - is not available in the Brussels region, as there is another non recreational bike signage in pace. The site of Bruzz with biking trips refers to Brussels mobility site with no info at hand, no link to Visit Brussels (also no info except a paper brochure) and the GFR routes are not understandable, so that Bruzz recommends the people to use the point noeud/knooppunt outside of the Brussels region.

Is it not time to make a prioritiy for recreational bike signage in the Brussels region? From observations abroad, a take-away in Asian cities is that they see that their cities were too car centric and that more place will be made for bikers and pedestrians.


The so called 'walkable city ' concept; Is this a trend that will be followed in the European capital?  

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